RFL Solutions

Provider of IT SolutionsCustom solutions that fit your direct business needs!


* Custom built business and home computer systems that fit your needs

* Network switches and routers (wired and wireless) setup for your specific needs

* Network cabling and line terminations with the best quality of service possible.

* Custom built domain controllers and configurations with full integrations of software and systems

* Integrated security systems and solutions using some of the best hardware and software Cisco Systems provides.

* Integrated phone, network and audio systems

* Custom designed and developed software written in (C#, VB, Delphi with full web services)



In today's market businesses require a unique method of doing business and marketing their products. RFL Solutions provides customized solutions that are tailored to each business needs and go beyond what most businesses are aware of. We utilize many different techniques to meet the goals of or clients including multiple coding languages and devices that many companies wouldn't even think of. Our knowledge extends before Microsoft Windows was even released and gives us a unique prospective on what's capable vs. what's taught in schools and limited to the standard way of creating software. In many cases we have to ask our clients to think beyond what they know is possible and let us determine if it's capable and/or feasible to do anything they can think of. Many are surprised at the possibilities and potential outcomes.